January Challenge

We're ready to take on 2019 feeling amazing! We believe in the power of movement both on and off the bike. For the month of January, commit with us to pushing yourself -- physically and mentally -- every day.

The Details:

  • Commit to do your best to move/sweat daily for the month of January 

  • Ride with us at SPARKCYCLE and also stay active with other activities like yoga, pilates, running, walking, biking outside, etc.

  • Bring the card with you to the studio, get a stamp for each day you ride, and keep track of what you do on your non-SPARKCYCLE days (honor system)

  • Receive exclusive motivation and little gifts like free classes at other studios in the area and other giveaways throughout the month to keep you going

  • Ride 10 or more days and you'll get 10% off your next package or ride 20 or more times to get 25% off

Sign ups are now closed but if you missed it or can't participate this month, don't worry; we have many more fun things like this planned!